Hooker Transportation Services
We are a federally licensed Common Carrier Trucking Company - MC 682898
We have over 150 years of experience in the
transportation industry.
We cater to the Hotel / Hospitality Industry.
We have arranged over 750+ delivers to properties
throughout the country to our credit.
We are familiar with many vendors and their
requirements for picking up FF & E goods.
We can quote flat rate pricing for properties and hold
those quotes for up to 120 days.
We can arrange for dropped trailers for on site storage
at the property.
We have a small warehouse to store goods for short
term or long term projects.

We don't make deliveries until the property is ready.  I can't tell you how many times
vendors have said to ship something, but the property was shut down due to various
problems, no GC, the fire marshall shut the site down due to wrong fire ratings on door
frames, paving the parking lot, roof colapse, property was at full rental capacity for the
weekend, weather delays, I can keep going on.

We always call to make sure the property knows what is coming and what they will need
for unloading.   Some people think that a carpet delivery comes with a forklift on the
truck, or that the driver will place all of their furniture inside the hotel for them.  This is
NOT the case, but we can make it happen if they want.

So as you can see we make sure that the clients know what is needed at the time of
Hooker Transportation Services
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